You only have to Google ‘make money online’ to see a barrage of scams and dubious sources. Everyone’s promising foolproof and easy ways to make endless profit online, without changing out of your pyjamas. Can you trust any of them though?

A good rule of thumb to follow is ‘if it’s too good to be true, it probably is’. An anonymous user’s comment on a Buzzfeed article, claiming their auntie makes $3,000 a day online, is not a reliable way to find an income.

There are some genuine and trustworthy ways to make money on the side though. Gurooo is a marketplace for virtual tasks, where everyone is an expert at something, and it’s particularly useful for parents who are balancing childcare with everything else.

You can offer various small services for a fee on Gurooo, and put your skills into practice. Here are some ideas for parents like you;

Provide recipe ideas and child-friendly meal plans


Planning meals for the whole family can be an agonizing chore, particularly when mum and dad want something a bit more interesting than spaghetti bolognese and the youngest refuses to eat anything vaguely green.

Seasoned parents with some creative flair in the kitchen will be used to creating meal plans and accommodating a variety of tastes. Put your culinary flexibility to good use and share your failsafe family meal plans on Gurooo.

Create custom sleep schedules


A lack of sleep is one of the most demotivating things for a parent to experience. Their baby or toddler is clean, fed, warm, safe and yet they continue to scream the house down.

Of course, a few sleepless nights are inevitable, but if you have a great sleep schedule in place that’s worked well for your own kids, share it!

Help busy families find the perfect summer holiday


With rigorous rules and fines in place for parents who take their children on holiday during term time, many are searching high and low for a good deal during the summer holidays.

If you have experience finding great family holidays at a good price, there are a lot of parents who would love to hear your suggestions. 

Provide bespoke tutorials for new parents


Gurooo Moments allow you to create video content, documents or images, which can teach other people something useful or fun.

Everyone knows there’s no parenting manual, but you can provide the next best thing – personal advice on potty training, discipline, and how to calm down a major tantrum.

Advice on how to get a child into a great school


Securing a good school place for your child is highly competitive in most areas of the UK, and many of the rules and requirements pass from parent to parent like Chinese whispers.

If you have experience in this complicated right of passage, you can cut through the excess information and get right to the advice that matters for parents who feel out of the loop.

Explain ‘the birds and the bees’ in a concise way


Many parents shy away from this essential chat, but keeping their kids in the dark about puberty and safe sex does much more harm than good.

Help these embarrassed mums and dads out by giving them a simple and concise script to work from. They can get through the conversation without wanting to shrivel up and die and their children will fully understand their bodies and future relationships. Now that is a good deed.

Put together a list of summer holiday activities for different budgets


The summer holidays aren’t an exciting prospect for everyone. Ease up the pressure a bit and provide another parent with a list of activities and ideas, which will make the upcoming summer holidays one to remember for all the right reasons.

You can offer to tailor the list to any budget (maybe prioritizing free activities), individual preferences (outdoors or indoors) and different age ranges (from toddler-friendly to something for the older kids to enjoy).

There are lots of ways to make a small income on Gurooo. What makes the platform so unique is that it caters to people with both professional and everyday skills. You don’t need any specific qualifications to sell your expertise in our virtual marketplace, just lots of experience and enthusiasm. You could sell your experience and skills anywhere between £5 to £100 depending on the Task.

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