We believe no matter what your background is or what you do for a living you are an expert at something. It could be something that you wouldn’t even recognise as a talent but to others it could be.

Gurooo was first launched as a smart phone app where it allowed users to ask questions on any topic and people from all walks of life could answer them through a simple interface.

When we launched back in 2015 we got a tremendous amount of positive support, feedback and suggestions as well as requests for features.

We quickly realised that Gurooo was much more than the app – it was a community. We knew that platforms and websites for hiring professional freelancers existed but there was nothing specifically geared towards everyday skills by people from all walks of life.

We decided to rebuild Gurooo from the ground up into a new kind of online Marketplace. A place built for everyday normal people not just for professionals; an eBay for everyday hidden talents.

A place where anyone can buy, sell and request small interactive jobs or advice we call Tasks on almost any topic and category.

Our core belief is that everyone in the world is an expert at something; there just hadn’t been a place to make use of these hidden talents yet.

Welcome to Gurooo.