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Facebook is a powerful way to market your business and get your brand in front of your potential customers. With over a billion people logged into Facebook at any one time and all spending on average of at least 20 minutes at a time – you should be doing more to get in front of your target market.


Facebook sorts and selects what everyone sees based on algorithms; complex formulas that tell Facebook what each user is likely to want to see in their feed. They are getting more and more complicated and complex to understand and figure out – and they are constantly changing.


Our team have spent a combined time of over 10,000 hours following, understanding and testing Facebook’s ever-changing algorithms and newsfeed formulas.

We’ve tested and purposely made lots of mistakes and come up with solutions so that we can pass on our results to our clients.


You can ask us any question about Facebook Marketing and how to grow yourself, your brand brand or your business on Facebook.

Your question should be concise and not too open ended so that we can also give you a concise answer and solution within a couple of paragraphs.

These questions are OK

  • Where can I find ideas on what to post for my engineering business?
  • How do I create good video content for my posts?
  • Can I share other people’s posts and promote it for myself?
  • How do I find my target customers?
  • How do I make money on Facebook?
  • Can you give me some ideas on how to grow my business on Facebook?


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The Social Marketing Academy brings together digital marketing and social media marketing experts to provide specialist courses exclusive to Gurooo on how to market and promote you and your business effectively on social media. We have helped and advised businesses and individuals from one-man bands and bloggers to global companies establish themselves online and on social media and grow their audience, traffic and ultimately their business.