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Facebook is a powerful way to market your business, unfortunately every else knows this too, so getting your Facebook page infront of the right people isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Getting Facebook to show your posts to more people comes down to one very simple rule.


It seems pretty obvious right? But the majority of Facebook page owners don’t know the difference between posting good content and presenting great content in a way that will get good engagement and reach.


The fact is, there is no definitive guide to exactly what you should be posting only the types of things you should be posting. Every Facebook page is unique and has a slightly different audience, so you should be posting content that is suitable for your own audience.


In this Facebook Page Audit we’ll give you:

  • A Custom 10 Point Posting FormulaWe’ll do an analysis of the types of content you’re currently posting. We’ll then show your own personalised 10 point formula on exactly what to post to increase your Page Likes and Post Engagement so you can reach more people and where to find great content.
  • A Custom Traffic and Business Booster Plan – We’ll look at how you’re currently using Facebook to get new customers and show you how to build new business and traffic through Facebook.
  • A 10 Point Website or Landing Page Analysis – we’ll look at where you are taking your Facebook visitors and see how that could be affecting you converting more visitors into sales. We’ll then give you a 10 point plan on what to do improve your website or landing page.
  • A Custom 10 Point Facebook Insights Plan – We’ll show you how to use Facebook Insights to be better informed on what makes your audience tick.
  • Automation Plan – We’ll show you tricks on how to save time and how to automate your Facebook posts so you can spend more time on other areas of your business.
  • Let you Ask Any Custom Question – You can ask any one customised question on how to market your business, brand or website on Facebook.


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The Social Marketing Academy brings together digital marketing and social media marketing experts to provide specialist courses exclusive to Gurooo on how to market and promote you and your business effectively on social media. We have helped and advised businesses and individuals from one-man bands and bloggers to global companies establish themselves online and on social media and grow their audience, traffic and ultimately their business.