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About this Task

This is all about you and your golf game!

I’ve played golf for over 20 years and have had some great highs and lows… from being a club pro, a director of golf and retail manager; right through to having to take time out of the game whilst dealing with Ulcerative Colitis.

Simply message me with what you struggle with most, and what would really help you play with a bigger smile on your face.

I will share my knowledge and experience with what I think could help with a few key focuses and how to practice correctly to make it work best on the course.

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About Vagger Bance

Joined: April 6, 2018
My sole reason for becoming a Gurooo is because of the enjoyment I get from encouraging others to do the things they love with big smiles on their face! I’ve always been able to share knowledge, challenge thinking and plan for continual improvement... and can’t wait to hopefully do the same for you too! Get in touch and do more of what you love, better from today with the help of a former PGA Pro who worked in the golf industry coaching, managing & marketing.