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I am a freelance journalist and copywriter with experience writing for many big magazines in the UK, including Escapism, the nation’s largest independent travel publication. I have worked with a number of clients as a writer or copywriter and am well known for being able to make sometimes seemingly uninteresting topics lively, fun and enjoyable to read. My writing style is informative and witty. Clients often understand what they want to tell their prospective customers, but struggle to put it into interesting language. I’m here to help with that. Check out the links below for examples of my work on articles, newsletters and advertorials, and get in touch if you’d like to learn more.*

*Price includes one draft of up to 1000 words and one re-draft.

Escapism Magazine 26  

-Abu Dhabi



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About Ronan O'Shea

Joined: June 7, 2016
I am a freelance journalist and copywriter based in London. I have written for many magazines including Woman, Square Mile, Foodism and Escapism, the UK's largest independent travel magazine. I have also written articles for a number of clients on a freelance basis, as well as copywriting content for businesses. I lived in the Czech Republic for three and a half years, where I was an English teacher. This period gave me a good understanding of different cultures, but also how to word language in a presentable, interesting but most importantly, clear way. My writing is informative, easy to understanding and, when my clients allow it, witty and engaging, and readers regularly enjoy my work regardless of the subject matter