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Pokémon Go!

Pokémon Go is the hottest craze at the moment and if you’re reading this, the chances are you’re pretty crazy about it too. The amazing thing about Pokémon Go is that it connects the real world to the gaming world through augmented reality. You literally have to go out into the real world streets and capture all the Pokémon (Good exercise!)


You have to spend a lot of time catching them all

To truly catch them all, you’ll need to spend a hell of a lot of time walking around. If like most people, you have work, kids or other commitments and can’t put in the hours to capture all the Pokémon, let me help you.


I will spend an hour at a time going round capturing Pokémon for you on your account and then hand back the account back to you. 

Who am I?


I’m a sponsored pro gamer on 2 eSports teams; Team Senses and MBA Gaming, I essentially play games part time for a living and I’ve been hooked on Pokemon Go and I’m pretty good at it. 

I’ve won numerous tournaments around Manchester, London and Leeds, i was been hailed as one of the best birdie players in the UK.

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About Harry Adams

Joined: June 23, 2016
Hi I'm Harry and I'm a Sponsored Pro Gamer for 2 pro esports gaming teams called Team Senses and MBA Gaming. I'm sponsored and mainly play Street Fighter, Tekken or Guilty Gear and now Pokemon Go! I started off as a Tekken Tag tournament 2 player and placed second in my first ever major tournament in Manchester back in 2013. I've grown as a player since then and often place Top 8 in large U.K majors. I've expanded into Street Fighter V and main as a character called Birdie. After winning numerous tournaments around Manchester, London and Leeds, I was being hailed as one of the best Birdie players in the U.K.