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I will review or create an NDA/NNN agreement with a Chinese supplier/manufacturer – £50.00

I will draft (or re-draft) the document so that it is enforceable domestically in PR China, which means that your ideas and products will be protected when you have dealings with businesses located in China.

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About Tom Rogers

Joined: May 17, 2016
I’m Tom, and I’ve been working as a lawyer for 16 years. I specialise in advising small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs, providing them with cost-effective legal advice and document drafting. My services include: - drafting & reviewing business terms and conditions; - legal support for e-commerce start-ups; - legal support for residential landlords; - drafting & reviewing commercial contracts of all kinds; - drafting employment contracts and employment law/HR support; - drafting shareholders’ agreements and venture capital/investment documents; - advice on company law and Companies Act compliance; - UK trade mark protection; - legal support in the sale/purchase of businesses; - business lease reviews; - debt recovery (claimant and defence) and litigation support for business owners. I’ve worked in private practice and as a solicitor, but I’m now exclusively a legal consultant to small businesses and e-commerce start-ups. Over the years, I have advised literally thousands of small business owners. Legal advice is generally very expensive, and this puts off small businesses who are on a budget. I’ve positioned myself as a legal professional who offers an attractive alternative to the traditional law firm, with their high fees and imposing offices. I’m cost-effective, responsive, personable, communicative and very thorough. The vast majority of my clients come back to me again and again. Note: (i). All fees specified are inclusive of VAT. (ii). All services include a free phone or skype consultation to discuss your matter and your business needs generally). (iii). Unless otherwise agreed, Law Rogers Consultancy Limited shall be the contracting party.