You are covered by 100% Gurooo Buyer Protection.

All payments are securely held in Gurooo Escrow Protection which means that when you pay for a Task it is held in escrow by Gurooo until the Task is completed by the seller.

The seller does not recieve any part of your payment until the Task is complete or when you are satisfied that you have received what was originally proposed on the Task description.

Disputes and Resolution Centre

If at any time during the Task you are not satisfied you can open up a Dispute and Gurooo will launch a full investigation and suggest a resolution or offer a refund of your payment.

You may open up a Dispute under the following circumstances:

  • You have purchased a Task and the seller is not responding
  • You have purchased a Task and the seller has not delivered within a reasonable time frame.
  • You have purchased a Task or Moment but the Task is not as described in the original description.

A Dispute is not suitable under the following circumstances:

  • You purchased a Task or Moment but you changed your mind after.
  • You purchased a Task and then changed your requirements after but the seller could not accommodate it.

During a Dispute investigation, both buyers and sellers can continue to communicate with each other within the Task messaging service and try to resolve any disputes directly, Gurooo will take all continued communication into consideration for the investigation.

To start a Dispute, click on Submit a Report within the Task communication page of the Task or Moment.

For further questions about disputes and resolutions please email